NV Dream Tags

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on the number of tickets I can buy?

No, there is no limit.

Can I buy tickets for someone else?

Yes, just enter their information in the form on the Cart page. You can then enter your information on the billing page.

What seasons are the tags good for?

Dream Tags offer the ability to hunt in any open unit in the state, although the season dates and weapon class for each hunt unit applies. Basically, this is a statewide hunting tag for that species, but you must follow the season dates and legal weapon for that season.

What species are the 2022 NV Dream Tags available for?

There are 6 species available this year: Desert bighorn sheep, California bighorn sheep, elk, deer, antelope, and black bear.

Where does the money go?

Proceeds from NV Dream Tag ticket sales are used for the preservation, protection, management or restoration of game and wildlife habitat.

When do the ticket sales close?

The ticket sales close on June 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM PDT.

How are the winners selected?

After ticket sales close, they are anonymized and sent to a third-party draw service which will select one winner for each species.

When will the results be released?

The results will be released in early July.

Can non-residents apply?

Yes, non-residents and residents can apply.

Do I need to have a hunting license to buy tickets?

No, you don’t need a hunting license to buy tickets.

If I forgot to file my big game harvest questionnaire can I still buy NV Dream Tag raffle tickets?

No, you need to file your big game harvest questionnaire if you want to buy tickets, or you can pay the $50 administrative fee before the big game draw to become eligible to apply.

Can I purchase NV Dream Tags tickets for a species that I’m currently in a waiting period for because of previously drawn tags?

Yes, you can purchase NV Dream Tags raffle tickets even if you are ineligible for the same species due to a waiting period. 

What happens if I draw a tag in the regular draw and I win the NV Dream Tag raffle for the same species?

If you draw a tag through the NDOW draw and then draw the Dream Tag for the same species, you will have to return your NDOW-drawn tag to obtain the NV Dream Tag. For example, if a hunter draws an antlered deer tag through the NDOW draw AND an NV Dream Tag for antlered deer, the hunter must return the NDOW-drawn antlered deer tag to the Department. However, if the hunter draws an antlerless deer tag, cow elk tag or a horns-shorter-than-ears antelope tag AND an NV Dream Tag, the hunter may retain that NDOW-drawn antlerless deer tag, cow elk tag, or a horns-shorter-than-ears antelope tag.

If I get the NV Dream Tag and have to return a tag I drew in the normal draw will I be refunded my bonus points?

Yes, you will be refunded your bonus points and tag fees, but your application fees won't be refunded.

Is purchasing the Resource Enhancement Stamp and raffle tickets the only way to donate to help the wildlife in Nevada?

No, if you do not want to hunt, you can donate to the NV Dream Tags Fund through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

Can I win NV Dream Tags for more than one species in the same year?

Yes, you can win tags for multiple species.

If I win an NV Dream Tag, can I buy more raffle tickets in the following years?

Yes, you can.

How will I know if I win?

You will receive a phone call and email congratulating you on your NV Dream Tag, and the winners will also be posted on www.nvdreamtag.org.

Are there any units that the NV Dream Tags can’t be used in?

Yes, for bighorn sheep you cannot harvest an animal in the same unit as the previous year’s NV Dream Tag harvest.

If I win an NV Dream Tag, but my health prevents me from hunting, can I transfer it to a family member?

No, unfortunately, Dream Tags are non-transferable.

If I buy an NV Dream Tag and/or Resource Enhancement Stamp, can I get a refund?

No, by statute, all NV Dream Tag ticket and Resource Enhancement Stamp fees are non-refundable.